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Andy Robertson gives talk entitled “By Trowel and Error”

Mr. Andy Robertson the head of the Archaeological department of East Lothian council gave a talk entitled “By Trowel and Error” in St. Peter’s church hall. This talk, the first of three to be given in conjunction with the Roman exhibition, was attended by approximately 80 people.

Mr. Robertson explained how the Archaeological department of the council works in conjunction with the planning department to ensure that any areas of potential archeological importance are examined before building can commence.

He presented slides of the most recent excavations in Musselburgh were shown, and explained how important discoveries were found. Altar stones, which are causing global interest were found in Lewisvale Park prior to the construction of a replacement cricket pavilion. In the site of what will soon be the new health centre, Neolithic and Roman burial sites were discovered, and the remains of a Roman rampart believed to be where the Roman vessels were unloaded and the goods subsequently  taken up to the fort at Inveresk.

The second talk will be given by Mr. Fraser Nelson of the National Museum of Scotland on the 9th of February.


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